This series of images capture the strange and uncouth parts of the big city during the night time.

Night is the speсial time where feelings and senses are altered: even in the city sounds are dimmer, movements are deferred, buildings are heavier, thoughts wondering elsewhere, and you find what were solid and known during daytime, becomes a mystery, illusion, something frail end eluding. You can easily get lost somewhere in those luring shadows or become this fleeting ray of light, that comes to  life, shows it’s beauty only to disappear almost instantly. 

I remember not feeling safe  in the middle of it  and couldn’t help but go deeper into the shadows. Afterwards I felt mutual gratitude, like if the city itself and the night were giving me the way in, sharing their states, opening to me, slowly and cautiously - because they almost don’t exists, if nobody is watching. 




"When I was… "


I took those pictures during several transitional years between youth and adulthood. It was really personal and important for me to state trough these photos: I will never forget this time, those moments, those people, this feeling of togetherness and loneliness, I will never forget myself at this age. 


"Когда мне было…"


Я создала серию этих снимков в переходный период между юностью и «взрослостью». Мне было важно декларировать с помощью этих фотографий: «Я никогда не забуду это время, эти моменты, этих людей, это чувство единства и одиночества, я никогда не забуду себя в этом возрасте. 

Children’s summer camp «Okean»


I was invited to one of the biggest summer camp in Russia and flew across the country to Vladivostok, to teach children photography during their last week there.  

I was really swept by the place and by teenager’s  raw emotions and energy. It was like a big, warm, gentle, hard wave of the ocean. I was grateful to be there, to be a witness, to be able to take in a bit and keep it with me.


Детский летний лагерь «Океан»


Меня пригласили в один из самых больших летних лагерей России и я полетела через всю страну во Владивосток, чтобы преподавать подросткам фотографию в их последнюю неделю там. 

Меня очень впечатлило это место и подростковые яркие эмоции и их энергия. Словно меня накрыла волна океана, рядом с которым мы были, - теплая, мягкая и сильная. Я была благодарна за возможность быть там, быть свидетелем происходящего, что могла взять немного этого ощущения и оставить себе.